Parma Ham

Parma ham - Prosciutto Crudo in Italian - is a dry-cured ham, which is served thinly sliced and uncooked.

Parma Ham is an all natural product, steeped in tradition. It is made from only four ingredients: pork, salt, air and time. Only hams produced and cured in the hills around Parma (Italy) may become Parma Hams; the unique conditions of this region make it possible to produce a very special ham that has been appreciated since Roman times.

The pigs used in production must have been bred in ten northern and central Italian regions. The Parma Ham Consortium protects the product quality, purity and ensures that production is carried out with full compliance according to traditional methods. It is identified by its famous logo, the Ducal Crown, which guarantees its quality and authenticity.

There are currently 161 firms in Parma producing Parma Ham. Come to our restaurant to sample some of the best ones in Edinburgh.



Parma Ham - an Italian delicacy

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