Tiramisu: Myths and Legends

One of the legends about the birth of tiramisu places its origins in Siena, as sweet prepared on the occasion of a visit of the Grand Duke Cosimo III de 'Medici, known as the "The Duke’s soup". It was at this time that one of the main ingredients of Tiramisu – coffee – was becoming very popular in Italy. However tiramisu’s other main ingredient – mascarpone cheese – was probably almost unknown at the time in Siena.

Another theory says that the cake was created by a pastry chef in Turin to support the Count of Cavour in its efforts to unify Italy. On the other hand, Wilkepiedia seems to think it came from Venice...

If you want to find out the truth, you can always to come to Aldente Restaurant and ask our Chef. He may not give out the secret, but at least you’ll be able to taste this mythical dessert at its best!



Italian restaurants always have some tiramisu on the go

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